• I made a spreadsheet listing all the movies in the Festivals. The listing comes from what listed in each Festival's official website. For the Venice Film Festival, I differentiate between movies "simply" showed during the program and movies actually in competition. Only the latter were counted to calculate the percentage of women writers and directors.
  • I added an IMDb URL for each movie listed, which I used to pull in additional info about the movies: director, writers, genre, images. I used the API to determine the gender of directors and writers on the basis of their first names. I did some additional manual checks: for example, I manually googled foreign names / names that could belong to either women or men. You can read a tutorial on how to do this here
  • In all this process, I tried to be most accurate as I could. Should you find any inaccuracies, or have any suggestions, please drop me a line or a tweet at @alice_corona.