Women at the International Film Festivals of 2015 - 2016

A Constantly Updated Project Tracking Women's Presence at Major International Film Festivals

From Cannes to the Oscars, women are at the center of every film festival around the world. Fashion magazine extensively discuss the choice of clothing and jewelry , giving the illusion that women are highly represented in the film industry. Yet no one has stopped to analyze how many women are behind the cameras of the featured movies. 

We have started tracking the percentage of female directors and writers participating and winning in the major film festivals worldwide. The Silk will be periodically updated with every important international film festival, so make sure you follow it to get updates.

Note: We don't have information on all the writers yet. We are working on it! To read more on how we collected the data and made this Silk, click here.

Women Directors and Women Directors in Winning Movies of Festivals datacards with Women Directors

Movies datacards with Sundance Film Festival as Festivals grouped by Gender for Director

Overview of all film festivals tracked

Note: Numbers show % of movies with at least one female director / writer.

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